Happy “Gluten Free” Easter 2014

I said it last year and I’ll say it again….chocolate just tastes better in Easter Egg form! There’s nothing better than experiencing peppermint Easter egg overload! Its time again to give you some tips to really enjoy a gluten free Easter. Thankfully these days a lot of chocolate is gluten free. However, there are some […]

What does gluten free really mean?

It seems that more and more people I meet are embarking on a gluten free diet.  They may have done so on the advice of their medical practitioner, dietitian, naturopath or they have self-diagnosed. Eating gluten free is no mean feat and can have long term health consequences. It is really important that you get […]

Gluten Free Challenge Wrap-up

We have just closed our most recent competition and were thrilled with the number of entries and information sharing between our Facebook page members. A full account of the conversations can be found at: http://www.facebook.com/MelindasGFG Below are the details of the competition Gluten Free Challenge – Can you do it? The Melinda’s team want your family, […]

Spring Carnival Entertaining Time

And they’re racing….. The Melbourne Cup is one of Australia’s main events celebrated throughout the country and is a great opportunity to put on an allergy free spread for your family, friends or work collegues. Catering for allergy free events and particularly large functions requires some extra planning. Here are some of our tips to make […]

Labeling for Food Allergies

Hi everyone, I want to provide you all with the current state of play In Australia for labelling of food allergies. Labelling can be complex and confusing so the information below gives a good overview of what your rights are as a consumer. Knowing how to read food labels and ask the right questions can […]

Allergy free is here to stay

Hi everyone, I began my quest to find gluten free food products and recipes when I was diagnosed with Coeliac disease over sixteen years ago. Since my diagnosis there has been a huge increase in the numbers of people being diagnosed with Coeliac disease or wanting a gluten free diet for other health and lifestyle […]

Melinda’s top ten tips for gluten free cooking

We’re celebrating Coeliac Awareness Week, 13 to 20 March 2012. It’s wonderful to see the growth in gluten free products available in shops, online and when eating out. I’m often asked about how to cook gluten free food and how to prepare our delicious Melinda’s goodies safely. This is a big issue for many families, […]

Any excuse for chocolate!

Love is in the air…. well this is what I’m promoting at my place! Cherubs the world over are now busy tuning harp strings in preparation for the world’s greatest love fest – St Valentine’s Day. Certainly there are many ways to show that special someone you care, like breakfast in bed or a surprise […]

Merry ‘gluten free’ Christmas

  I wish you a merry ‘gluten free’ Christmas The merry season is fast approaching and I know how challenging this time can be if you need to cater for family and friends who need an allergy free diet. In my previous blogs I’ve talked about; The need to plan your events and to find […]

Eating for multiple food allergies

Diagnosing multiple food allergies can be complex, stressful and often very frustrating. For most people it can be a long process of testing and re-testing, taking food challenges to eliminate the allergen(s) and at times guess work to determine the actual cause of allergic symptoms. Identifying allergens will be dependent on your reactions. This may […]